Localization Quality Assurance (LQA) Testing

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Localization Quality Assurance (LQA) Testing

The Localization QA team verifies that all localized content in a title is implemented without issues, and that the text is linguistically accurate and contextually appropriate. All testing is carried out in-game, with the team seeing each line in full context, just as it will be seen by your audience.

All Text Verified In-Game by Professional Linguists

Over many years, our LQA team has established a pedigree and a long history of successful AAA releases. Projects are planned around verifying all localized strings in their intended in-game context to ensure no issues slip through the cracks and the team’s quality assessment is fully informed.

Platform Compliance Handled

The LQA team benefits from Testronic’s familiarity with platform submission requirements. Verification of localized terminology lists, brand guidelines, and specific submission requirements influenced by in-game language are included in our service by default

Experience with Large and Complex Projects

Having successfully completed numerous projects with a large or distinctly complicated narrative scope, our team is aware of the critical factors that influence the final quality of a localized product and the challenges that are most likely to occur when working at such a scale. We can accommodate lengthy team deployments to support the development process and subsequent title updates.

Synergy with Localization

We devise efficient documents to overview current coverage using a well-structured set of text assets prepared during localization. LQA starts the project by familiarizing glossaries, reference materials, and notes provided by the Localization team to ensure a refined understanding of the original stylistic intent.

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