Compatibility QA

Armed with an unmatched hardware library and years of testing data.


Compatibility QA

There is never a more influential moment than the short period immediately after launching your title to the market, and performance issues or problems relating to specific hardware can be a significant source of negative feedback. Compatibility QA includes performance monitoring on a wide range of hardware configurations, and testing designed to identify issues that subsets of your player base using certain hardware may experience.

Extensive library of PC and Mobile Hardware

We maintain a fully equipped Compatibility lab, built to handle testing on both PC and mobile, and allowing for PCs to be built to spec for the needs of each individual project. We are constantly evaluating our library of components and mobile hardware to inform frequent purchases and keep our service up to date.

Pass Based Service

Before testing begins, our team of specialists devises a matrix of custom hardware from our extensive inventory based on experience with expected performance. We refine the scope of hardware components reflected in the coverage range to provide confirmation and regression testing while providing additional performance data during subsequent passes.

Extensive Experience and Past Data

Testronic has operated a Compatibility testing service based on continually developed methodology over more than 8 years. During this time we have executed hundreds of test passes and documented huge ranges of performance data that can be leveraged when making recommendations for future projects.

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