Functionality QA

Battle-tested, award-winning QA testing services.


Functionality QA

Throughout a title’s lifespan, Functionality QA will typically make up the bulk of all testing performed. We continuously evolve our testing methodology to ensure the most appropriate balance of exploratory and scripted coverage is employed at each stage of the project.

Experts in FQA with Extensive Experience

Staffed by industry veterans, Testronic is an award-winning service provider in the outsource QA space. We partner with some of the industry’s most prominent developers and publishers worldwide and cover all platforms and popular storefronts.


Highly Adaptive Team Structures

Testronic provides a managed service to establish long-term partnerships built on the most appropriate team structure to serve the project’s needs. Our scale and experience allow us to take strong ownership of essential processes and establish efficient workflows – key to the success of any project.


Industry-Leading Security

Testronic is ISO 27001 certified and upholds some of the highest standards in the Games and Film & Television industries for outsourcing service providers. Our secure facilities are periodically audited and exhibit strong physical and digital security standards.


Best Practices and Project Analysis

Our standards and best practices are informed by experience on thousands of varied projects with a diverse array of requirements and challenges.

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