Compliance QA

Submission wizards experienced with all platforms and storefronts.


Compliance QA

Titles launching on console platforms or certain storefronts must first pass a submission process devised by the platform holder. Using a testing methodology derived directly from published submission requirements we identify any issues that are likely to be flagged during submission, and provide an assessment of whether a title is in a suitable state to commence the process.

Pass Based Service

Our Compliance QA service is delivered through efficient passes that cover all applicable submission requirements for a given platform. We suggest the appropriate timelines and efforts during project planning to ensure a successful submission.

All Major Platforms and Storefronts Covered

A thorough understanding of the proprietary technical requirements maintained by each platform holder serves as the foundation of our service. Our checklists and procedures continually evolve to guarantee comprehensive coverage of storefront submission conventions and more formal hardware requirements.

Prototype Hardware Expertise and Test Process Definition

We uphold an early adoption strategy for all new platforms and technologies and consistently test console platforms before retail release. Leveraging our extensive experience in the field of compliance, we devise technical requirements and acceptance testing criteria in any situation where these are not already in place.

Specialist Team

The compliance team consists of a specially trained pool of platform experts sourced from our group of veteran QA Technicians. Training includes sessions delivered by the platform holders as well as internal training designed to leverage our extensive experience. Thanks to our team roles tailored towards delivering an exceptional compliance service, we provide a high level of test-case execution experience.

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