Efficient, game-focused translators from all corners of the world. 



Localization is an established requirement for launching a high-quality product to a global market. We offer a thorough localization service from start to finish, providing an expertly translated and culturally aware final product.

Global Pool of Staff

Our Localization service is delivered via an extensive pool of freelance translators and editors, primarily located in-country, giving us a truly worldwide presence. Testronic prides itself on being a games-focused localization provider, attaining excellent results with our long-term partners.

Robust Review Procedures

We aim to keep the teams we deploy as small and efficient as possible to improve flow and consistency. Each language team consists of one or more translators and a separate editor tasked with final oversight to ensure that the team’s contributions merge into a seamless final product.

Communication and Engagement

Each localization project demands a custom workflow that accounts for the title’s scope and schedule. We seek to onboard the team smoothly, using provided materials to inform the desired style and vocabulary. We also incorporate feedback directly between batches of text and arrange regular syncs to discuss progress on longer projects.

Tool Support

Our team has experience with a wide range of CAT tools and localization databases and can integrate client and Testronic managed devices into a project’s workflow. We always prefer to work via existing structures to make our involvement in a project as seamless as possible.

Synergy with LQA

Text localization is only one part of the process required for a successful worldwide release. Testronic’s Localization and LQA departments work together as a title goes through development. We believe that considering the needs of LQA from the very start of the process will consistently improve the team’s output and quality.

Our Other Services

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