Testronic and Witbe Partner on Platform QA Automation

Witbe, the leader in Quality of Experience Testing and Monitoring and Testronic have signed a strategic partnership to develop cost effective and reliable automated QA and Quality of Experience (QoE) services to platforms and content owners.

Witbe has developed a technology based on robots replicating users’ behaviours. By using this technology to automate QA testing, Testronic will be able to offer state of the art quality testing capabilities to their customers, by further expanding in-territory testing with easy set up, allowing them to improve the QoE of any digital service.

Also commenting on the partnership, Witbe’s president, Marie-Véronique Lacaze, said: “I am delighted that Testronic selected Witbe as a strategic partner. This partnership will allow Testronic to provide test automation technologies to content providers and operators worldwide by leveraging Witbe products. We are looking forward to continue enabling Testronic to help their customers deliver the best Quality of Experience possible to their end-users.”