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Women’s History Month: Five-minute Interviews

To celebrate and acknowledge Women’s History Month, we’re throwing the spotlight on some of the brilliant women at Testronic.  Below you'll find a series of one-on-one interviews we did throughout the month of March.  We'll be adding more, so check back often. Lily...

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International Women’s Day: Why it Matters to Testronic

Like many companies around the world, Testronic today recognizes and celebrates International Women’s Day. But to us, it’s not just an acknowledgement. EDI is key to our workplace culture and, when it comes to gender diversity, equality and inclusion, we are a proud...

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Five Key Metrics For Delivering Exceptional Player Support

Player support can simply be defined as providing assistance to players in need for a particular game or catalog of games. This can range from troubleshooting reported bugs or glitches, to explaining how a certain feature of the game works, to acknowledging feedback...

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Testronic Opens Localization QA Studio in Portugal

Testronic, an award-winning Games and Film & TV development services provider, has opened a studio in the Portugal capital of Lisbon, further enhancing its Localization QA capabilities in Europe. The new studio is already delivering Localization QA projects in...

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We’re delighted to have been listed as finalists in the upcoming TIGA Games Industry Awards, in the QA Provider and Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) categories. TIGA is the trade body for the UK games industry, and its annual awards are returning as...

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Do You Really Need A Passion For Gaming To Support Players?

The 2020 Netflix documentary series ‘High Score’ was a real treat for anyone interested in retro gaming. It described the early days of companies such as Atari, Nintendo, and Sega and the birth of the home gaming console. In one of the episodes there is a focus on...

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What Is The Real Importance Of Localized Support?

How important is localized support for your games? A small games developer and publisher, primarily working in English both for game play and player support, may initially feel that localized support isn’t all that critical, but think again. Take a look at your stats...

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What we offer

Our service offering has organically grown since our start as a humble testing company almost 25 years ago.

As our partners have grown, so have their needs. We've developed services like Localization, Localization QA testing, and Player Support with the same passion and attention to detail as our flagship Functionality QA service. 

Today, those services are just as popular as FQA. We will continue to add services as our partners require them.