We’ve Been Shortlisted Again for the Develop:Star Awards!

Testronic has once again been named as a Best QA & Localization Provider finalist in the upcoming Develop Star Awards.

The past year has been an incredibly busy one for Testronic. We’ve grown our headcount by more than 25 percent to over 1,250 and have ramped up our recruitment program to allow us to continue providing a top-of-class service to our current and future clients.

Of the Top 10 games publishers of 2021 (based on Metacritic scores), we are honored to work with five of them, providing them with QA and Localization services that have helped them to achieve top scores for their releases around the world.Develop:Star Awards 2021 winners | Develop Conference

We are now a Corporate Ambassador of the Women in Games organization, with a number of our execs also Individual Ambassadors. And we have joined the Clean Up The World initiative, which empowers local communities to solve the world’s environmental problems

The Develop Star Awards, which take place on July 13th during the Develop:Brighton Conference, feature 19 categories, celebrating the best of the studios behind the most critically acclaimed and best-selling games, plus those who work alongside them.

The categories include:

Best Studio

Best Game

Best Micro Studio

Best Mobile Game

Publishing Star

Best Extended Reality Game

Best Audio

Best Game Design

Best Narrative

Best Visual Art

Best Original IP

Best Creative Provider

Best QA& Localisation Provider

Best Technology Provider

Diversity Star

Marketing Star

Recruitment Star

Tomorrow’s Star

In addition, the Develop Star Award will be presented to Dinga Bakaba of Arkane Lyon.

We wish all of our friends, colleagues and peers the very best of luck – and look forward to seeing you there!

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