TESTRONIC TALK: What a year!

It’s 12 months since Testronic’s COO Keith Ramsdale joined the business. Here he looks back on some significant changes made to the leading QA & Localization specialist…
They say it’s a sign of getting older when time speeds up (and, in our business, when developers start to look younger and younger), but I do find it incredible that a year has already passed since I joined Testronic.
2016, what a year. You don’t need me to add to the political landscape or financial markets but I will let on that we are officially a competitive skiing nation now. Check out Dave Ryding…
Last year was a big year for us and we’ve made a number of changes – some big, some smaller. What hasn’t changed is Testronic’s commitment to the quality of our service, and our pledge to continually innovate.
One of the biggest things we’ve addressed is our pricing structure. Testronic has always delivered market leading standards of service to our clients. However we weren’t set up to attract new clients as well as we could. So we addressed our pricing structure to be truly competitive, whilst our on-boarding process – managed by Julian Mower – has been revamped to better prepare a new or existing client for a new project.
With Julian heading up the Pre-Production Department, we have also re-organised our Operational capacity into two. Games QA Director Erik Hittenhausen now heads up all client-facing services. Everything we deliver to clients comes to him. Meanwhile, Operations Director Chris Bewick is running operational support alongside new business research and development.
The past 12 months also saw the opening of our dedicated VR Testing Lab. Despite these services launching just last spring, the Lab is blocked out with work and we are now in the process of re-configuring our Warsaw facility to improve our capacity in that space. We are seeing commissions of various sizes and complexity and User Comfort and Experience are developing as key services.
We have launched our own internally run and sourced Translation service covering over 40 languages which is a natural extension to our bedrock Localisation QA business.
Adding Customer Support to our existing Functionality, Compliance and Compatability QA , we really are focused on delivering a high quality, coherent suite of services.
The past year may have flown by since I joined the company, but I’m very proud of the forward strides we have taken together and we have plenty more to come.
Here’s to the next 12 months!