TESTRONIC TALK: Our commitment to staff development

Testronic boasts an enviable reputation for quality of service – and recognises that this starts with its staff. Director of Global Operations Chris Bewick explains more…
Like any service provider, here at Testronic we’re only as good as the staff we employ. So it’s important to us that we find the right employees and work hard to make sure that all staff are valued throughout their tenure. This goal is achieved through a combination of smart recruitment, training, focus, motivation, challenge and recognition.
Applicants are taken through a practical interview at the first stage, which covers multiple chapters ranging from simple console navigation and gameplay to more complex issue discovery and language ability. The aim of the practical interview is to remove unqualified applicants at a very early stage.
Successful applicants are asked to return to Testronic and participate in a two-day focussed training session. Each department has bespoke syllabuses aimed at bringing the prospective employee to a level of business maturity that satisfies the trainer.

  • Day one covers the basics of the role and the various security procedures.
  • Day two is focussed on practice and evaluation.

Again, unsuccessful applicants are rejected after evaluation.
On-boarded employees are assigned a ‘buddy’, who will serve as their mentor throughout their probation period.
It is up to the buddy to be present for any questions or concerns the new employee may have.
On completion of the probation period, permanent employees are assigned a line manager who will guide them along their career path, providing contingency based training and skillset development. By tracking this development, staff have full visibility of their goals – whether professional or personal – and can work towards them accordingly.
Breaking each goal down into key skillsets allows the direct report to be developed smartly with clarity on purpose and achievement. This development is closely tied in with performance related initiatives and targets, again with full transparency.
Line management continues into senior management but skillsets are replaced with a focus on innovative goals that encourage continuous improvement across the business.
What this focus delivers is an employee who feels that management knows who they are, and knows what is going on with his or her career; that their role has purpose and they appreciate that the company acknowledges their efforts.
It’s very easy to organise a pizza night or a social event to raise spirits and create bonds. But these initiatives are not enough. To ensure commitment, ambition and motivation it is essential to adopt an encouraging and goal-oriented approach to staff development.
Testronic staff are ensured a growing level of focus from first contact to the day an employee decides to pursue a different challenge.
We believe this focus is essential to the calibre of our QA services, the strength of our partnerships and the motivation for our professionalism.