TESTRONIC TALK: Don’t drive your customers away!

Testronic Poland’s General Manager Antonio Dos Santos looks at the importance of providing a solid customer support service.
According to recent research, 68 per cent of people would stop doing business with a brand based on poor customer experience, 61 per cent of consumers expect an issue to be resolved within 24 hours and 56 per cent have higher expectations of service than they had a year ago.
We operate in a very competitive and fast-paced world, serving millions of gamers, via our developer and publisher clients. Customer support within this environment is imperative, or we risk failing our customers – and in turn, their customers.
Testronic’s mission statement focuses simply on providing the highest standards of customer service – “we will deliver uncompromising quality through efficient tailored services in close collaboration with our clients. In doing this, we are driven by integrity and innovation inspiring our people to learn and grow”.
Continuous improvement and quality of service is part of the Testronic culture and what sets us apart from other service providers. Our customer service representatives, in most cases passionate gamers themselves pursuing careers in the games industry, understand the needs of other gamers – delivering a gamer-to-gamer experience. This experience allows for a better understanding and collection of data, metrics and analytics, leading to the timely resolution of tickets and business intelligence such as user experience, bug trackers and hardware issues etc.

Antonio Dos Santos


“Consumers will not tolerate bad service. People will stop doing business with a brand due to a poor customer service experience” – Antonio Dos Santos

Developers can use the information at hand for informative business and strategic decisions focused on their core business, while limiting internal costs associated with costly infrastructure and people management. In addition we are able to offer our clients the service to take total ownership of costs to explore ways in which we can improve on this metric and ultimately convert a cost centre into a profit center.
With today’s ‘always on’ games there are millions of gamers seeking support, looking for online information, user reviews or simply the opportunity to make their next online purchase. Technology means that this can be done relatively hassle-free; why not incorporate this as part and parcel of your customer services, taking every single contact or webpage hit as an opportunity to generate revenue?
This could be as simple as a web chat window offering the online visitor assistance or sales at point of service, where the Customer Service representative is trained to cross or up-sell and informs the gamer of specials, good deals and even aids the transaction remotely to secure the sale. This is not limited to generating revenue by converting contacts into sales – great service leads to better customer retention and satisfaction. Most importantly you keep players aligned, thanks to the intelligence obtained regarding their expectations, and that of the markets – which we know differs significantly from country to country.
This brings me to another point – the multi-lingual, multi-channel and multiple services that Testronic can offer encompassing synergies, efficiencies and greater flexibility in workforce management. By doing this we are able to retain the expertise and knowledge for when our clients need to ramp up or down. As a general example we can provide functional or localisation testers for customer support centres who come with the added advantage of the experience gained from testing the games.
Consumers will not tolerate bad service. People will stop doing business with a brand due to a poor customer service experience, so it is vital that all businesses provide superlative customer support.
At Testronic, we pride ourselves on our own customer support levels – and we’re duly able to assist our clients in this field, for the benefit of us all.