Testronic Stands in Solidarity with Victims of the Ukraine War

Like most individuals around the world, the team at Testronic has been horrified at the events unfolding in Ukraine.

We have colleagues, clients, friends and allies based in Ukraine, and – with our offices in Poland, Romania, and Serbia – we feel close to the conflict, and can see first-hand the impact the war is having as people flee the country for safety.

We are honoured that staff in these offices are showing their selfless support for victims. In Warsaw, our largest and longest running operations, staff have been generously donating first aid and emergency items to local charities the Polish Red Cross and Fundacja Viva! Many have been volunteering personally, co-ordinating donations in our offices and organising transportation to distribution points, with some of the team having opened their own homes to provide shelter for those fleeing the conflict.

We are grateful to see such kindness and compassion from our staff, and Testronic is now underpinning this activity with a donation of over PLN 100,000 to support Ukrainian refugees.

With our longstanding support of women in games, it felt right for us to support two charities that also focus on women:

  1. Solidarni z Ukrainą – which works on behalf of Ukrainians in Poland since 2014.
  2. Stowarzyszenie “Dobrze Urodzeni” – which collects money for medical packages for childbirth during the war in Ukraine

We wish for a speedy end to the conflict. But in the meantime, we hope that our contributions will make some difference to the situation facing the Ukrainian people.