Testronic Opens New Bangkok Office

Testronic has made a significant move into the Asia video games and film & TV market, opening up a dedicated office in Bangkok, Thailand to join its existing sites in the UK, Poland and the US.
At the same time, Lily Gavin-Allen has been appointed as Head of Business Development to lead the new push into the territory. Gavin-Allen boasts many years’ of experience in the Asia market as a business development and localisation specialist.

The Asia-Pacific market has been the dominant force in the global games industry for many years, but the growth in the Chinese mobile games sector in particular is further consolidating the region’s importance as a market.
Testronic’s new division will help Western games companies to target Asia Pacific, providing cultural and business intelligence, as well as its market-leading QA and localisation services. Similarly, it will work with games developers and publishers across Japan, Korea, China and beyond to help take their titles to Western audiences.
Testronic will also be offering FQA and content testing to the new breed of film and
TV distribution platforms and content creators, both in Asia and with distribution in the region.
“I am excited to be joining Testronic at such an exciting time for the industry,” said Gavin-Allen. “With the Asia market expanding into the Western market, and vice versa, Testronic is perfectly positioned to provide a bridge between the two.”
Testronic’s Head of Sales & Marketing Mike Betti added: “The Asia Pacific games market is very different to that of Western territories. Lily’s experience in this region makes her invaluable to us – and our clients – in bringing East and West together.
“There’s huge opportunity for Western games publishers to target gamers in the Asia Pacific region, and for Asian publishers to bring their games to Western markets. The new Testronic Asia office will provide the gateway.”
Jason Gish, General Manager of the Testronic Hollywood office is excited about the opportunity to service new film and TV clients: “There are a growing number of companies entering this field and Testronic is ready to partner with them to ensure quality of that content across Asian territories.”
“This is another significant move for Testronic,” concluded CEO Dominic Wheatley. “Last year Testronic expanded its testing unit in Warsaw, whilst the London and Burbank offices also saw expansion. Opening our Asia office is a logical next step.”