Testronic Invests in Archion’s EditStor Omni Storage Solution

Testronic Labs invests in Archion’s high performance EditStor Omni storage solution to address demanding workflows in Burbank, CA, and Warsaw, Poland facilities.

Archion Technologies, a leader in intelligent, ultra-high performance network storage solutions for content creation, has announced that Testronic Labs, a leader in quality assurance (QA), localization services, and compliance for the film, television and games industries, has invested in Archion EditStor Omni storage systems. These Archion solutions are in use at two of Testronic’s locations: Burbank, CA, and Warsaw, Poland.
Testronic is a global provider of QA across film, TV, games, and platforms, with facilities in London, Warsaw, Burbank, and Santiago. Established over 20 years ago, Testronic has teams of quality assurance experts who test content at all levels, from masters to deliverables, and test the consumer experience on a range of international devices, ensuring OTT content and services deliver the best possible experience to end users.[vc_column width=”2/3″]

“We chose EditStor Omni for our Burbank and Warsaw locations because speed is such a critical part of our storage need.”

– Jason Gish, President, Film & TV

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Archion’s EditStor Omni was introduced to Testronic Labs because they were in need of a very high performance and cost-effective network storage solution for their facility in Burbank, CA. During a meeting and live demonstration at NAB, Jason Gish, Testronic’s President of Film and TV, was able to see the EditStor Omni perform first-hand. Subsequently, Archion deployed an EditStor Omni at Testronic Labs Burbank facility for testing and proof of concept. After a successful evaluation, Gish approved the purchase of an Omni.
Following this success, Archion was informed that Testronic Labs required a new media storage solution for their expanding Poland location. Gish approved the purchase of a new EditStor Omni for Testronic’s operation in Warsaw, while also expanding the Omni at his rapidly growing Burbank facility.
Testronic currently has a mix of over 20 Macs, PCs, and Linux workstations connected to the EditStor Omni in their Burbank facility, with a similar number of workstations connected to the Omni in their Warsaw location.
Jason Gish, President of Testronic’s Film and TV Division, who has enthusiastically embraced Archion’s EditStor technology in support of his rapidly growing company, said, “We chose EditStor Omni for our Burbank and Warsaw locations because speed is such a critical part of our storage need. We needed screaming fast storage to play files that contain a lot of data, like UHD/4K, HDR 10, DolbyVision, and Dolby Atmos. The Archions are installed in both our Warsaw and Burbank locations as our main system of file storage and play out. The benefits these solutions offer our clients include high performance playback for high level content. Clean and smooth playback is a necessity for QC. Other systems we’ve tried have introduced playback issues. We chose Archion to avoid those issues, and to provide us the best possible view of the files to be QC’d.”
“The Archion Omni lives up to our expectations, and our experience with the systems in both locations has been positive and beneficial. We’ve had no issues with uptime, and the speed and throughput are everything they are claimed to be. The Archion team has been very helpful and responsive whenever we have questions or need to add storage. We continue to grow with Archion, as our offices add more and more clients, and our workflows also continue to grow,” he added.
EditStor Omni, delivering speeds of over 15,000 MB/second, provides production, post-production, creative agencies and other creative facilities a single media storage system for all their high-performance collaboration needs. From 8K video to 4K playback of raw media files, the Omni NAS storage server has the performance, scalability and functionality to handle the most challenging media workflows.
EditStor Omni is an intelligent 24 drive storage system with single server capacities of up 336TB per chassis, hot pluggable expansion nodes, and total expansion into multiple Petabytes. It is a complete turnkey collaborative storage solution that requires no third-party software or drivers to ensure compatibility with the prominent editing, finishing and visual effects applications, including those from Adobe®, Apple®, Avid®, Autodesk®, Blackmagic Resolve® and more.
Adds Reuben Lima, Archion’s CEO, “We are very appreciative that Jason Gish and Testronic continue to grow their organization with Archion storage as their company’s media backbone. It’s a privilege to be working with their team, and we are excited to witness and experience their continued expansion and success globally.”
The EditStor Omni was recommended to Testronic by the consultancy firm File Based Workflows, while Cutting Edge, a Media Systems Integrator and now a division of ALT Systems, was instrumental in the successful deployment and system integration at Testronic.