MESA Europe VR/AR Breakfast Briefing

Brynley Gibson to Share Experience at MESA Europe VR/AR Seminar!
Discussion will highlight How to build quality VR and maximise your business’ KPI’s!

Brynley Gibson, Head of Studios at Curve Digital Entertainment and Kuju, will be a featured speaker at the 2nd Annual MESA Europe VR/AR Breakfast Briefing on July 11 at the Courthouse Hotel in London. The Briefing will detail \the commercial opportunities for VR, look at the key product and technology milestones that have been reached, and analyse the possible timeline for future evolution of Virtual Reality in entertainment.
Drawing on his experience from the creation of the bestselling PlayStation VR Worlds, including his most recent experience for Sony Music’s The Chainsmokers: Paris VR, Gibson will share his learnings on how to create powerful, magical journeys for virtual worlds. He will include practical advice on leading the gaze of users, testing for comfort and how to build immersion.
Gibson will highlight how interactivity drives engagement. “It is inevitable that consumers will expect and demand this from their experiences,” notes Gibson. “Game makers are the masters of interactivity, and have the deep knowledge on how to teach, entertain and retain users in shared immersive experiences”.
Gibson has been producing in creative industries for nearly 20 years. As the head of studios for Curve Digital Entertainment, he also represents the subsidiaries of The Catalis Group including film, TV and games testing giant Testronic and Kuju Entertainment Group, which develops AR & VR products for studios, brands and games.
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