When designing and developing titles for VR it is important to iterate frequently in order to assess the experience being offered in the current version. Part of Testronic’s VR testing solutions is UX testing performed by experienced technicians in order to provide qualitative and quantitative data relating the user experience according to the title’s current implementation state. By tailoring the UX testing to each specific project we provide valuable data on the implementation of mechanics and features for use during design meetings.

UX testing sessions are all video captured to ensure that we can provide our clients with gameplay footage synchronized with biometric data.

UX testing currently contains the following components;

  • Quantitative feedback on excitement and physical exertion
  • Qualitative data on the general VR experience based on platform conventions
  • Qualitative data related to the specific implementation of core game content and features
  • Deliverable video assets from UX testing sessions with embedded biometric data
  • Written reports containing analysis of the User experience within the title and the behavioral trends observed and recorded during our testing

All UX testing performed for VR titles is conducted using the published minimum specification hardware for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive to ensure that the hardware environment corresponds to the expectations of end users.

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