Testing Environments and Hardware

Our VR lab is a unique test environment, designed with three different project types in mind.

Tier 1 – Seated with Head Tracking only

Some projects are designed for control via head movement and traditional control peripherals only. These require the least space and present the least additional considerations for health and safety during testing.

Tier 2 – Seated with Hand Tracking

Projects for the PlayStation VR and HTC Vive platforms can be designed to include hand tracking, using the supported controller device for the respective platform, which require the user to move their arms around in a specific way. This function would be significantly inhibited by our usual test stations but our VR Lab was designed with the additional space in mind.

Tier 3 - Room Scale

Projects for the HTC Vive platform can require as much as 5m x 5m for the configured play area setup to ensure the user has the intended range of movement. Not only does the VR lab ensure that testing is conducted in an appropriately sized open space but it also guarantees the environment is free of obstacles that might limit immersion. 


Regardless of the play mode having a dedicated VR Lab for all such projects delivers significant overall benefits. All our testing is executed by a team of two so that the person wearing the HMD is supervised constantly. This allows them to become as immersed as possible in the VR experience while patterns in behavior and sudden changes in heart rate can be recorded for feedback.

Our custom built Lab is also designed to ensure the environment is free from Presence Hindrance Events (PHEs) which may compromise or influence a person’s ability to become fully relaxed and inclined towards immersion.

Currently Testronic has multiple units of the following hardware available for testing projects;

  • HTC Vive Pre
  • HTC Vive Developer Edition
  • Oculus Rift CV1
  • PlayStation VR
  • Samsung Gear VR


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