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User Experience

User Experience (UX) is the key to success for any Digital Publishing project, and Testronic has significant expertise and partnerships in the areas of UX and Usability testing.

UX represents a system of testing utilizing active users. Testronic’s UX services do not involve focus group testing, which relies on conscious feedback from users (usually verbal). Instead, our UX testing goes much deeper, using biometric measurements to gauge the experience a user is experiencing beyond that person’s awareness. A user usually knows that they liked or disliked an experience, but they may not know why. Now Testronic can help to tell you, and your developers, why!

With access to PhD level experts, and by utilizing medical grade biometric measurement equipment, Testronic has the most advanced UX testing team available.

Testronic’s UX Testing Capabilities Include:

  • Biometric Data
  • User Types / Profiles
  • Normalized Results of Interview Data / Scoring
  • Application Functionality
  • Usability