July 09, 2015 / Mobile / Software

Global facilities successfully renew accreditation for both Games and Film & TV business lines.

Testronic Achieves CDSA Accreditation, 2015

Global facilities successfully renew accreditation for both Games and Film & TV business lines.

As global leaders in Quality Assurance, Localisation and Customer Support services, attaining internationally recognised accreditation in content protection is fundamental to continuing top-level operations at Testronic.


Following a rigorous auditing season, we are proud to announce the successful renewal of our annual Content Delivery and Security Association (CDSA) accreditation at both Film & TV testing labs in Warsaw, Poland and Burbank, USA.


“Strengthening our global security measures with CDSA accreditation demonstrates our continued commitment to excellent physical and digital security, and further differentiates ourselves from the competition. We believe in a uniform level of service across all of our testing sites, delivering the highest standards of quality control, no matter the location.” Jason Gish, Senior Vice President at Testronic.


Additionally, we have succeeded in achieving accreditation for our Warsaw based Games testing services, at a recently built and constantly expanding, state of the art facility. General Manager Antonio Dos Santos believes the accreditation to be a powerful indicator of Testronic’s commitment to delivering the highest quality service, and will support the propulsion of the business line.


“After moving into our dedicated Games Testing facility in 2013, operations have more than doubled. Focus on security is critical in overall company strategy, we see our CDSA accreditation as another feather in our cap and a powerful indicator of our commitment to ‘Quality’.”


About CDSA


CDSA, the Content Delivery & Security Association (formerly IRMA, the International Recording Media Association), is the international content protection association. For over 40 years, it has served as the worldwide forum advocating the innovative and responsible delivery and storage of entertainment, software and information content.


About Testronic


Front-runners in QA, Testronic takes great pride in a rich 16+ year history, delivering optimum services, to an unparalleled client list. We offer end-to-end Testing and QA solutions to a notable array of industries including film, TV and games, operating out of facilities in Burbank, CA; London, UK; and Warsaw, Poland.