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QA Localization

Non-English markets are becoming increasingly important as they have been shown to deliver significant revenue streams and the prospect of international character and brand franchises. However, it is possible for a key opportunity to be lost in an instant if a game has not been properly localized for the global marketplace.

That is where video games localization testing comes in. By working across all major platforms, as well as with casual games, MMOs and digitally distributed games, Testronic is pleased to offer turnkey services to our clients for their video games QA localization requirements. We test in-game text and audio, perform localisation terminology and error messages passes as standard for specified platforms, and offer proofreading for packaging, manuals and websites.

MMO games, with their sheer size of content and assets, can present particular challenges that our experienced and resourceful teams are ready to meet. In addition, you will find that our flexible approach is ideally suited to the short turnarounds associated with casual games.