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User Experience

Happy gamers are loyal gamers.  Keeping your customers happy means understanding how they are actually interacting with a game so you can deliver a user experience that keeps them coming back for more. 

User Experience (UX) testing moves beyond the hard and fast issues of interface to focus on the “soft” issues like goal fulfillment and motivation.  We can help you uncover your UX successes and failures so you can get more gamers to the table more often and keep them there longer.  Not only that, but creating a great UX gives you a better chance of keeping the customers you have while still attracting more. 

More gamers and more loyal gamers means more revenue.  We’ve got UX experts ready to go to help you with instructions, quick wins in engineering, keeping interest levels high and creating an absolutely engaging ‘user journey’ so that your game is a success for you and a thrill for your customers. 

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