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A world class Customer Support experience with a dedicated staff of talented gamers.

Testronic’s Smart Support™ focuses directly on the growing user demand and capabilities of the Industry. We provide a bespoke customer support service moulded to the specific needs of the client, creating a richer gaming experience for the consumer and sounder B2B collaboration.

The Gamer2Gamer approach we utilise, incorporates all the trends of today’s developing user expectation. We realise the necessity for absolute, efficient, customer support through all appropriate contact types. Our goal is yours, to deliver over and above organizational CSAT needs at a local and global level.

We thrive on delivering opportunity to your business, and we believe in driving an ‘absolute strategy’ to your customer support service. Root Cause Analysis is fundamental to our problem solving method, and we stand by the promise of providing a service that exceeds the expectations of both the business, and the consumer. User experience is essential to the market, and our SMART approach tackles this trend in the most effective way possible.


The SMART Approach to Next Generation Customer Support

No hassle or detrimental effect to worry about

Seamless transfer – Together with our technological partner (VocalCoM) we are experienced in ensuring any transition is effected with minimal fuss and impact to your business.

Transparent Reporting

Mapping of your customer and user experience.

Comprehensive analysing and resolving

Analysing the root causes of issues and addressing the key contact drivers; adopting the remove, deflect and reduce methodology.

Increasing your ROI

Reducing your costs whilst creating a smoother customer experience.

Experience and Trust

Testronic – 10 years’ experience in the Gaming world with some of the industry’s most experienced people representing the company at every level.


Smart Support™ Features and Services

A bespoke Smart Support™ solution tailored to your exact requirements with a supporting contact strategy to ensure a high end customer experience is created and always maintained.

  • CS/Community Support
  • Email/chat/phone and video support channels
  • 24/7 - 365 coverage
  • Gold/Silver/Bronze & Premium service offered
  • Flexible billing model
  • Root cause analysis reporting
  • Community sites created, managed and positioned
  • UX mapping of Contact Strategy

Our contact centre experience, training and autonomous approach to customer engagement provides the perfect solution to deliver over and above your CSAT needs at a local and global level.

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