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You want your game to work on any PC on the planet.  But with so many variations in PC configuration out there, that can feel like trying to find one key that works in 1000 locks.  No worries.  We’ve got that key.  We’ve built our own PC Compatibility Lab.  It houses over 150 different PCs, 250 different video cards, 180 audio cards and a huge range of peripherals. And we keep the whole lab constantly updated through our close ties with major vendors.  So no matter how your customer’s PC is set up, we can make sure your game works. 

We work with you to set the range of test configurations so the service is tailored to your needs.  All our PCs are prepared with clean operating systems and any additional software you require. 

We’ll start by making sure the install and uninstall processes work smoothly and the title starts-up with no problems.  Within the game, we’ll test that all the graphics are rendering flawlessly and that the sound is perfect.  Using the graphic settings your game supports, we’ll check the game’s performance in places we’ve predetermined with you.  We can also check to see if your game is playing loud and clear in 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound.  We can even make sure that gameplay is seamless off-keyboard with a wide selection of gamepads and racing wheels.  

Top to bottom, we’ve got your PC compatibility issues covered.

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