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User Experience

The best content in the world won’t keep someone on a site that isn’t simple, intuitive and enjoyable to use. This is why user experience is key when planning and constructing your website.

Most User Experience (UX) testing involves focus groups, asking active users to give you verbal feedback on what works or doesn’t. But consumers aren’t always the best at articulating why their experience was good or bad. That is why we go much deeper by using biometric measurements to give you objective data on exactly where and why your UX succeeds or fails.

With medical grade biometric equipment and PhDs on side, you’ve got the most advanced UX team working for you.



We can give you clear and constructive feedback at concept stage based on our years of experience.


Getting in early is key so your development team has the time and information it needs to deliver amazing results. Whatever you have to work with, from specs to wireframes, we can give you a tailored UX testing approach to help.


The better the information your developers have, the better they can do their work. Regardless of medium, we can test the interactive experience and give you a clear and detailed system of standards for judging its success.

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