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UltraViolet Compliance Testing & Verification Services 

Testronic consistently strives to lead the way in QC with new formats and technologies. As the first official UltraViolet test center Testronic continues to provide industry leadership by remaining at the forefront of technology and remains bleeding edge by providing services for 4K and UHD content.  That includes extended services and environments to support the evolving digital ecosystem.

Though the platforms are evolving, our promise stays the same.  We’ve got the infrastructure and innovative services to make sure you can deliver a perfect consumer experience on UltraViolet and beyond.  Our services include:

CFF Compliance

  • CFF, DCC, and ODCC Files
  • Video, Audio, and Master QC
  • Metadata, Subtitles, and Localization
  • Testing Against a Wide Range of UV Devices

Device Compliance

  • CFF Playback
  • Subtitle Rendering
  • DRM Testing
  • Player Functionality, Compatibility, and Interoperability

DECE Role Interoperability Testing (CVP)

  • Content Provider
  • Retailer
  • DSP
  • LASP
  • Device
  • Web Portal
  • Customer Service 

UltraViolet Specialty Areas

  • E-commerce and User Rights Locker Functionality
  • Metadata Creation and Identification
  • UV Account Registration, Linking, and Authorization
  • UV / Digital Copy Rights Redemption

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