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We’ve everything you need to make sure your Blu-ray and DVD content is perfect.  We’re an active member of the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) so we understand the industry’s needs and how to deliver it.

Formats we service

  • DVD (replicated and recordable)
  • Blu-ray (replicated and recordable)
  • 3D (replicated and recordable)
  • Digital Copy

Format Spec Compliance

We’ll run your DVD or Blu-ray disc image through our certified verification tools to make sure it meets all the proper specifications.  We’ll then give you a report detailing any failures and a plan to fix them before you go to replication. 

 Menu Functionality

We can give you a complete menu authoring evaluation tailored to fit your needs.  You’ll get a full report identifying any and all issues so all of your menus work perfectly.

 Content QC / Linear Playback 

We’ve got a full time team of A/V experts ready to create a detailed report for you. So any of the issues often found in video, audio and subtitles like compression artifacts, source issues or missing and misplaced subtitles are found, qualified and can be easily fixed.


We’ve got access to over 400 different DVD players from all over the world, a full range of Blu-ray players and PC/MAC platforms, and all the leading game consoles.  We use annual market sales data from North America and Europe to make sure we’ve got your consumer base covered, so your product works everywhere you need it to.


3D presents issues unique to the format, like stereo inversion, crosstalk, subtitle collision and compression artifacts in the left or right eye image.  We’ve got a range of active shutter Blu-ray and 3D hardware and software to handle any of your functionality, compatibility and content QC needs.

Reporting & Metrics 

For every job we do, we always give you a full and detailed report so you have a clear understanding of any and all issues we found and their severity.  You can get this via a secure, online report database or we’re happy to use your own bespoke format.


We can archive your discs for future reference in our secure MPAA, CDSA and Studio approved vault. If you need them, we can also give you full disc trafficking and tracking services.


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