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Our industry is rapidly becoming a file-based world, with tape-based products and workflows quickly being left behind. With our eye always on the horizon, Testronic has created an award-winning File-Based QC lab to handle the Quality Assurance of files from masters to consumer deliverables and everything in between.

Our File-Based QC lab has recently been upgraded to provide UltraViolet Interoperability testing capabilities and related test automation services, including extended services and environments to support the evolving digital ecosystem.

Testronic’s end-to-end Library Solution provides an easy and effective way to mobilize and monetize your archived media. We can help you take your analogue or digital content from archive to consumer, with built in solutions for long term digital preservation and asset management. We also provide services for library assessment, capture and digitization, and encoding/transcoding.

With a client list that includes Major Studios, Post Houses, Authoring Facilities and more, Testronic has to be able to adapt to every file type, wrapper, codec, and playback mechanism, and we will continue to be ready for all future file manifestations. We are also a member of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE).

Working with several industry experts, we have secured innovative and advanced software for QC purposes. This highly flexible solution will continue to be evolved and improved to allow for new file types, workflows, and QC processes as the need arises… if not before.


Formats include; DPX, JPEG 2000, ProRes, GXF, MXF, QuickTime, Windows Media, MPEG, and AVC.

High Speed File Transfers

With our 10 Gbps line, we can accept transfers of large files (e.g., a 2TB DPX package) via FTP, Signiant, Aspera, WAM!NET protocols, or any client’s required delivery mechanism.

Spec Compliance

Testronic will analyze your files at a master QC level to ensure they are meeting the required delivery spec.