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Testronic is the global leader in quality assurance for DVD and Blu-ray content. We offer a full range of services to ensure that your Blu-ray or DVD provides an outstanding consumer experience. Testronic is a contributing member of the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) and an active participant in BDA meetings and activities.


  • DVD (replicated and recordable)
  • Blu-ray (replicated and recordable)
  • 3D (replicated and recordable)
  • Digital Copy

Format Spec Compliance

Testronic can run your DVD or Blu-ray disc image through certified verification tools to ensure it meets the proper specification. We then provide a report which details any specification failures so they can be fixed prior to replication.

Menu Functionality

Functionality and navigational testing entails a thorough menu authoring evaluation, and test specifications can be tailored to suit your needs. We provide a full, written report, detailing all identified issues.

Content QC / Linear Playback

Our full time and highly trained A/V experts are able to create detailed reports specifying and qualifying the various issues often found in video, audio, and subtitles on a DVD or Blu-ray disc; including compression artifacts, source issues (video hits, audio pops, etc.), and missing or misplaced subtitles.


Globally, Testronic has access to over 400 different DVD players, all of the leading brand games consoles, the full range of Blu-ray players, and numerous PC and MAC platforms. Market data for annual sales of players in North America and Europe allows compatibility testing to be optimized to suit your requirements.


Active shutter Blu-ray 3D hardware and software is available at Testronic for functionality, compatibility, and content QC of 3D material, with additional emphasis placed on video issues unique to the format; including stereo inversion, crosstalk, subtitle collision, and compression artifacts in the left or right eye image.

Reporting & Metrics

Testronic submits a report to clients for all jobs, providing the recipient with a clear and detailed description of observable issues and their severity. All reports are available in a secure, online report database or can be provided in a client’s own chosen bespoke format.


With our secure MPAA, CDSA, and Studio approved vault, Testronic can archive your discs for future reference. In addition, we offer full disc trafficking and tracking services.