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Standards & Certifications

No matter the task, our Standards and Certification services can give you the solution you need for any low level communication methodology.


The first lab in the world to get certified and still the best, we’ve been working with USB technologies since 1997. We’ve been authorized by the USB Implementers Forum to handle all you USB-IF logo testing needs.

Product Certification Coverage

  • Peripheral (Device): SuperSpeed, Hi-Speed, Full-Speed & Low-Speed
  • Host Add-In Cards: SuperSpeed & Hi-Speed
  • Hubs: Hi-Speed
  • Hubs with Embedded Device: Hi-Speed & Full-Speed
  • Systems: SuperSpeed & Hi-Speed
  • USB Embedded Host: Hi-Speed, Full-Speed & Low-Speed
  • Silicon Building Blocks: SuperSpeed, Hi-Speed, Full-Speed & Low-Speed
  • USB On-The-Go: Hi-Speed, Full-Speed & Low-Speed
  • ExpressCard


We always test your product to the highest standards, as laid out in the USB-IF Compliance Test Procedures. Our certification program for SuperSpeed, Hi-Speed, Full-Speed and Low-Speed give you the exact same quality of testing outlined in the official USB-IF Compliance Workshops (Plugfest). We’ve got all your product types covered, from device, host, silicon and on-the-go to embedded host and hub.
When your product passes the USB-IF Certification Program, we’ll put in on the official USB Integrator’s List at There you’ll find a full list of the products that have successfully passed Checklists, Compliance Testing and Demonstrated Operation certifications.


The Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) recognized Testronic as an Independent Certification Vendor
(ICV) in the EMEA region.

DLNA v1.5 Product Certification Coverage


  • Device Classes: DMP, DMS, M-DMP, M-DMS, DMPr, DMR, DMC, M-DMC
  • Capabilities: +PR1+, +PR2+, +UP+, +DN+, +PU+, Protected Streaming (DTCP/IP)
  • Options: Upload Device Option, Download Support


The DLNA Certification and Logo Program makes sure that DLNA Certified products meet all DLNA Design Guidelines and will work with other similar devices when interconnected in your customer’s home. The program gives you the security of knowing that your product has made the grade through the rigorous process outlined in the DLNA Process v1.0 document.

Serial ATA

To continue to make sure that all SATA products work together seamlessly, the Serial ATA International Organization (SATA IO) has added an additional Interoperability Program. SATA gives greater speed, simpler upgrades and easier configuration, and the program is helping SATA become the first choice for storage devices.


MicroLinkTM certification testing needs to be performed by an Authorized Test Laboratory (ATL). We’re happy to say that the Connected Car Consortium (CCC) has recognized us as an official CCC ATL.


MirrorLink™ Certification is based on MirrorLink™ Specification Conformance, client/server
interoperability, and a review of a series of administrative requirements.

HTC Connect™ Program

The HTC ConnectTM Program was developed to make sure that customers can be confident that products will work seamlessly with their HTC handsets. By certifying your products through this program, we can give you the certainty that you can keep your customers happy.
HTC ConnectTM stands for high quality devices and accessories and perfect wireless audio, video and photo streaming through an HTC smartphone to your home or car. We’re a certified HTC ConnectTM lab. We can make sure your product gets the HTC ConnectTM certified logo.


The Mobile Industry Processor Interface (MIPI) is an open organization working to set standards for mobile hardware and software interfaces so both the industry and the customer can benefit from the confidence of products and features that work seamlessly.

Conformance Test services

We’re a MIPI Contributor member. We’ve got the experience you need to cover Physical layer testing for:

  • D-PHY TX
  • M-PHY TX and RX
  • CSI-2 TX and RX
  • DSI TX and RX

Conformance will be tested using the Conformance plans set out by MIPI. If you need it, we can also provide MIPI vendor specific vendor testing.

For more information about MIPI please visit:

CSI-2 Protocol software Automation tool for Agilent Technologies U4421A

We cooperate with Agilent Technologies on the CSI: 2 software automation for the Agilent Technologies U4421A and can give you CSI: 2 protocol automation software for purchase.

With very little user input, the Protocol conformance suite is a valuable tool that gives you automation for running CSI: 2 protocol conformance with the U4421A. The configuration is easy and the tool will save all necessary logs in an HTML test report in a predefined location. That includes all Raw captured test run data. You get a clear view of the passed/failed test cases. It works for all configurations of DUTs up to four data lanes and one clock lane. The tool also allows configuration for a set of physical layer setting making your validation testing a non-miss in your development process.

Automated Test Groups being included:

  • Low Level Protocol Packet Format
  • Packet Spacing
  • Virtual Channel Identifier
  • Synchronization Short Packet Data Type Codes
  • Data Type
  • Packet Spacing Examples
  • Packet Header Error Correction Code
  • Packet Data Payload Size Rules
  • Checksum Generation
  • Data Interleaving

More information and purchase details about the MIPI CSI-2 protocol software automation tool please contact

DSI Protocol software Automation tool for Agilent U4421A

This software is still under development, contact for more information.


Qi is the wireless power standard, allowing products to charge wirelessly. All products with Qi work together seamlessly, no matter the brand or manufacturer.

The Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) recognizes us as the exclusive Qi Interoperability Lab in the world. We give every product we test for Qi Certification a final check in our expert facility in Belgium.


HDMI is a mainstay of the industry, so it’s key that your HDMI implementation is flawless. We’ve got the expertise you need to be confident that you’re always delivering a product that is guaranteed to work.

10/100 Base-T and Gigabit Ethernet

Electrical Validation

We’ve got everything you need for quick and easy solutions to make sure your Ethernet devices perform at their best. Our testing can help you improve your device’s efficiency and give you the confidence that you’re going to market with only the best.

We can also give you in-depth testing against a huge range off standards, like:

  • DVB
  • OIPF
  • HbbTV
  • IPv6
  • TR69
  • Ethernet
  • Voluntary Industry Agreement
  • Code of Conduct

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