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We’ve got the full range of low level communication methodologies covered with our first rate interoperability services.


To save you time and money, you need to identify any and all USB issues before they become a problem for your customers. That means making sure that your design doesn’t just meet the USB specifications, but that it functions flawlessly in a real world user scenario. We can give you just that.
Our Extended Gold Suite IOP Test goes beyond simple interoperability testing to provide you with the insight you need to identify and fix possible compatibility, functionality and interoperability issues well before your product hits the shelves so you can launch with confidence.
The Extended Gold Suite focuses on the actual USB behavior of your device across a range of configurations. It goes a step further than the generic test plans offered in our standard USB IOP tests.


To give you the confidence that your product works across the globe, our extended DLNA IOP Test makes sure that everything from correct discovery in a Home Network environment to Play, Stop, Pause/Pause-Release, Seek and Track Modes work without a hitch.


Your customers need an in car ecosystem that works seamlessly and intuitively. We’ve developed a MicroLink Extended Interoperability service that can help you make sure that can guarantee that MicroLink server and client devices never have a problem communicating.


So customers can be certain that any Qi product works with any other Qi product, the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) demands testing that guarantees interoperability with every single previously certified product. We are the only lab in the world that has been certified by the WPC to do this work. We’ve got all certified Qi products on site and ready to test. You get fast and expert service to ensure your Qi product works.

Commercial Qi Interoperability Pre-Testing

With our Qi Interoperability Pre-Test Service and complete range of Qi-Certified products, we can help you greatly increase your chance of passing the official Qi Interoperability test the first time, so your product gets to market quicker with less hassle.
We can tailor the pre-test to meet your specific needs so you don’t have to wait until the last minute for fixes and modifications. Pre-testing with us can help you make sure you never miss your critical production timelines.

I. Qi Interoperability Testing does not guarantee that products are Qi compliant.
II. Testronic’s Qi pre- test report may not be used to publicly claim interoperability with the Qi specification.


Whatever your needs on HDMI interoperability, from proper detection on power up to issues that sometimes arise with different cable lengths, we can offer you a full service testing plan to meet your specific needs. We’ve got a huge range of iDTVs from all the major manufacturers ready to go.

iDTV Interoperability Testing

To make sure you’re delivering the connected and immersive in-home entertainment experience your customers demand, you need a clear understanding of the constantly growing, feature-rich iDTV world. We can give you that understanding.
Digital Television Operators are looking for flawless interoperability of their Set-Top Boxes. Content Owners need to make sure their content is compatible with the full range of iDTVs on the market. And everyone needs a better understanding of how IDTVs will work with internet and DLNA services. We’ve got everyone covered.
Through our very own iDTV Interoperability Program, we’ve created a space that suits everyone’s needs. We not only give third party stakeholders tailored testing services to make sure their product works across a global range of iDTVs, but we also encourage major iDTV vendors to join our program, giving them detailed feedback on the products and services that interoperate with their platforms. That way, everyone involved gets the insight we all need to push the industry forward.

We focus on the following technologies:

  • CI+
  • HDMI
  • DLNA
  • USB
  • WiFi
  • IEEE802.3
  • S-Video
  • Composite Video – Composite Audio
  • PC/ VGA IN
  • DVI

If you need it, we’ll work with you to design a service that focuses on different technologies or iDTV testing criteria to make sure your unique needs are met.

Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL)

Carrying the Microsoft Certified Logo lets your customers know that your product has been specifically tested to deliver enhance performance, security and ease for the Windows experience. The experts in our Windows hardware Quality Lab (WHQL) will help you get your product certified for Windows quickly and confidentially. If your product doesn’t pass certification, we can work with you to debug the problems so you’re certified before launch.
When you submit your product for testing, we’ll assign you a Verasign ID. When the test is complete, we’ll give you cpk files that you’ll need to upload. We can of course talk you through the full results and upload process.


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