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Electrical Validation

You don’t need to let signal integrity issues keep your devices or systems from delivering first rate performance and reliability.
Setting the right testing environment is key to making sure your design is quickly and accurately tested. Testing environments can be expensive, so in order to keep costs down, we’ll work with you to design an environment that delivers exactly what you need, with a mix of latest tools that are right for your technology and expert training for your test engineers.

No matter what stage of development you are in or what form your product is in, we can design an Electrical Validation Test to meet the specific standards of your test specifications or give you detailed, custom-designed tests for identifying unique in-depth issues.

Training and Seminars

If you prefer to test in-house, our experts can give you dedicated hands-on training to help you make sure you have exactly the right tools and equipment for your product and that your test engineers have all the skills they need to deliver first rate QA.

Our team will walk you through the latest procedures and technologies and point out the common pitfalls and testing issues specific to your QA process. We’ve got the experience to streamline this process so you get everything you need and nothing you don’t.

In Depth Validation

You need to be confident that your product performs at its best under almost any conditions. This is especially true for automotive, CE and silicon chip manufacturers. Using a Votsch VT7034 gives our expert testers the chance to put your product through a wide range of climatic conditions so you can be sure your design is validated precisely over a wider range of conditions.


Proof of Concept

It’s usually best to start with a Proof of Concept to understand if your new concept idea or theory has legs. We’ve got years of experience in on-site demos and we’re constantly monitoring the latest guidelines and implementations set by DLNA. We will work with you to create a bespoke Proof of Concept that is tailored specifically to make sure you have the best approach possible.

Training & Seminars

Our experts are ready to help you familiarize your QA teams with the latest procedures covered by the DLNA Certification process. We can provide you with hands-on training and seminars specifically designed to meet the needs of your QA process, making sure your engineers are skilled up, are using the latest tools and are aware of the common pitfalls. We can also help you avoid problems later on by working with you during development to define your DLNA product specifications.

Serial ATA

Electrical Validation

Don’t let signal integrity keep your product from performing at its best. We can provide standardized or bespoke Electrical Validation Testing to suit your needs at any stage in development and in a wide range of product forms.


  • DPHY Transmitter tests
  • CSI-2

Electrical Validation

We offer standardized and bespoke Electrical Validation Testing to suit your needs, no matter your stage of development or product form.


Electrical Validation

We offer standardized and bespoke Electrical Validation Testing to suit your needs, no matter your stage of development or product form.

For HDMI Electrical Validation Tests, we focus on Clock and Data tests for source products and differential. Impedance tests are performed for sink (sync?)only products.

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