Careers FAQ

Below you will find some answers to a few frequently asked questions.  If you have a question that is not addressed here, or are having difficulty applying for a job via our online submission portal, please contact

Q. Who is Testronic?


We are a provider of Quality Assurance, Compliance, and Localization services for a notable array of industries; including media, entertainment, and games, and we help companies from all sectors develop and maintain world class websites and e-commerce solutions. In addition, software developers, educational publishers and consumer electronics manufacturers all look to Testronic for a reliable source of Certification and Quality Assurance testing.

In our labs across the world right now, people are testing movies, video games, software, and websites. We make sure those products work properly, look and sound right for different markets, cultures, and languages, and are the best that they can be before they reach consumers. We’re growing and diversifying rapidly in the digital multimedia space, and we are recruiting!

Q. What sorts of jobs are available at Testronic?


We regularly recruit full time, part time and contractor staff to test for designated business lines. The business lines include: Games, Entertainment, Hardware, Software and Certification.

Language specialists are often needed to carry out Games testing. We also recruit QA professionals as onsite consultants, people with software testing experience to carry out projects, and the usual array of business people and office staff to help support our international operations.

Q. Why choose a career in testing?


Testing is the most important stage in program development. The reason a program is put through to test stage is so that issues can be identified and rectified. Developing an application without testing it is merely a paper exercise – it may work or it may not, but there is no way of knowing without testing it!  The most worrying part of not testing a program is that, even the smallest mistake in a program can cause devastating results.

Q. What benefits do Testronic provide?


Testronic’s employee policies vary by territory, but wherever you are in the world, we pride ourselves on being a considerate employer offering an enviable package of benefits.

In the UK, for example, all employees are eligible for group life assurance and 25 days annual leave per annum plus, they are entitled to join the company pension  and private medical insurance schemes. Both Poland and the UK offer subsidised gym membership. In Belgium, team members are offered meal vouchers, hospitalisation insurance and more, depending on the project.  

Testronic supports the development of our team members through training opportunities and professional qualifications. In Belgium, we operate an extensive career plan which is designed to stimulate team members to grow towards a specialist function or team leadership and coordination function. In turn, this means that our testers are educated and trained in all fields of QA and business areas.

Each site has interesting tales of social outings from paintballing at the US office to go karting and a River Boat cruise in Europe! At all of our global locations, you’d be joining dynamic teams in a fast-moving industry, and you can be sure of a warm welcome.

Q. Where are your offices?


We are based across various global locations – Burbank, California, in the US, Central London in the UK, Diepenbeek in Belgium, Warsaw in Poland, and Tokyo in Japan.

We serve our clients either from one of our locations or at their designated site therefore, certain roles will require a flexibility to work either away from the office or abroad.

Q. I have my own console and PC. Can I test Games from home?


No. We primarily work on projects in the early stages of development which can only be handled in our high-security facilities.

Q. What does the role of a Games Tester entail?


A games tester, plays a specific part of a game (according to a test plan provided by the Coordinator), finds “bugs” (errors in how the game works or what the text says), and reports them (describes the error and where it was found), so that the developer can recreate it and fix it. You don’t need to be an expert at playing games to test, though enjoying it might help – and we’ll teach you all about it!

Q. I’m applying for a QA Localization Technician role – how good do my language skills need to be?


All of our QA Localization Technicians are experts in both English and the language they are recruited to test. We set the highest standards for QA and Localization, so the skills have to match. You’ll be required to take a test in the chosen language and will need to be at a proficient level in order to pass. These high benchmarks are what reassure our clients and embed quality in what we do.

Q. I’m interested in working for Testronic - what do I do now?


Have a browse through our current vacancies and apply for a job using our online submission form. We look forward to hearing from you!